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Be the master of your Digital signage via our always on web delivery platform.

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What is digital signage?
Best explained as a form of an electronic display that shows menus, information, advertising, and other messages.
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Why Squid?
Squid has been built from the ground up, to give you the control needed, allowing you to design and show to YOUR schedule
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Squid - Ink
Our digital signage player, allows you to use a small computer to show digital content anywhere it has an internet connection

How it works

Our digital signage platform consists of two parts, SQUID, which allows you to design, control and schedule your screens, and INK which allows SQUID to control almost any screen.


The command and control center, from here you can see a status of your account

Squid dashboard


Our custom online designer allows you to create flexible layouts that can work on any screen

Full designer


Our INK platform is a simple website, meaning you can test and play locally, but can also install apps onto various devices

Available of Amazon Fire TV
Available on Amazon Fire TV
Ink waiting for designs
Don't know what to put here?!
Running via our always on delivery service, your screens are always displaying your scheduled designs
Widgets to build your designs, all with numerous options, new widgets to be added
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“Watch our intro video”

What can digital signage do for you?

For shops/cafes digital content can boost impulse sales by allowing you to change your advertising at different times of the day. Business could show company news, welcome messages for customers. Just a few places where you see digital signage:

Squid scales with your business

We have created three plans that will grow with your business needs


£ 16.99 pm
One bite sized plan for those who are getting started
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    1 screen
  •  icon=
    250MB Cloud Storage
  •  icon=
    25 design allowance
  •  icon=
    1 team member
  •  icon=
    Additional screens £13.99
Free trial


£ 49.99 pm
Twice as good for those that need a little bit extra
  •  icon=
    3 screens
  •  icon=
    1,000MB Cloud Storage
  •  icon=
    50 design allowance
  •  icon=
    3 team member
  •  icon=
    Additional screens £11.99
Free trial


£ 99.99 pm
Squids have three hearts and we think you'll love this plan
  •  icon=
    7 screens
  •  icon=
    5,000MB Cloud Storage
  •  icon=
    100 design allowance
  •  icon=
    7 team member
  •  icon=
    Additional screens £9.99
Free trial


Yes, you can change plans as needed, each plan allows additional screens as an addon, and wehn required you can switch plans to get the additional benefits
We use the Amazon S3 cloud storage to upload your digital assets, like photos and vidoes. Whilst this is secure, these are in a public area, so any screen can access them as required.
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